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The world of recruiting is an exciting, yet stressful place. The best way to get through the process is to read-up on information written by people who know the recruiting routine. From personal experience to rules straight out of the book, the student athlete will have a greater advantage once he or she has learned the ins and outs.

If a student athlete is just getting started with the recruiting process, the best way for coaches to know a player is out there is for that player to become active on the computer. Utilizing the technology available will benefit a student athlete in getting his or her name out to college coaches. Students should email the coaches of the schools in which they are interested. Student athletes who are not afraid to make themselves known stand out in the recruiting world. Helpful tips for student athletes:

Helpful Tips For Student Athletes

  • It is vital to start taking steps toward the recruiting process as early in high school as possible. It takes some work and dedication, so it is better to get started early than waiting until the last second to get recruited.
  • A realistic outlook on the skills and talents of a student athlete will help the process go more smoothly. With so many schools at different levels, it is a good idea to evaluate the athlete’s skills based on what collegiate level is being considered.
  • Scholarships are offered at all levels of colleges. Although there is not as much money to give out, DII schools offer athletic scholarships to the players. Also, DIII schools offer scholarships through other areas such as academics, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Coaches will consider grades when they recruit a student athlete. Maintaining a good GPA is very important. A student’s high school GPA could be a deciding factor between two prospective athletes.
  • Choosing a college and being recruited is an exhilarating milestone in the life of a student athlete. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with the experience. It may become overwhelming at times, but maintaining a positive outlook will certainly help the parent and the student athlete.

Remember, knowledge is power. We hope that you will use SportsConnect Publishing, LLC as a vital resource that will aid your understanding on this thrilling journey.